The Alphamusic of John Levine
drug-free relief from anxiety today


    Stress-related disorders are the epidemic of our time. Alphamusic is reported to be very effective and is highly recommended by professionals such as Patrick Holford, world renowned nutrition expert. Alphamusic has been called the best healing music and the best therapy music by professionals and clients who tried at least few different healing music. It is also a powerful tool which can replace meditation. John Levine, composer of Alphamusic, has developed these unique recordings with the aim to have the same results as when practicing meditation. In order to achieve that, John set his own priciples upon which Alphamusic was created. Playing Alphamusic in the background may evoke the same state as when meditating.
    Alpha meditation music achieves a goal of maintaining the interest of the listener by subtle use and manipulation of:
    * Choice of Modal Scales
    * Management of melodic fragments
    * The play of repetition and variation
    * Subtle shifting of harmonics and harmonisations
    * Induction and subtle shifting of harmonic resonances
    * The removal of a typical beat and tempo

    This makes Alphamusic unique among other similar music. According to few research done by EEG specialists, Alphamusic has been shown to change brainwaves from stressed beta to a calm alpha.

    What is Alphamusic and how does it work?

    It’s music that aims to induce alpha brain waves. When the mind is in an alpha state the body can function properly. This can significantly improve healing, digestion, the immune system, concentration and emotional well being just for starters.

    Alpha wave music –
    the key to concentration, relaxation and a good night’s sleep. The Alphamusic of John Levine helps you relax and focus. Unlike other music or background noise it doesn’t distract but actually encourages the brain to produce the alpha waves that enable stress-free concentration. It also promotes instant and deep sleep at bedtime, however stressful the day has been.

    Most of us love music, and enjoy the feelings that our favourite songs can evoke. But music can in fact be manipulated to literally alter your brainwaves and induce deep relaxation and concentration on demand. Certain sounds trigger the brain to produce alpha waves, which have a slower, more relaxed frequency than the regular beta waves that the brain normally produces. We produce rapid beta waves when we are highly focussed, but alpha waves are slower and longer and are considered to invoke the most receptive learning state. It is alpha waves that are responsible for the feelings of deep relaxation during a massage, or in meditation, and for the smooth passage into unconsciousness as we fall asleep. It is also well established that alpha waves occur less frequently in highly anxious people, and when they do occur, they were smaller, weaker waves than usual.

    Alphamusic has produced incredible results with schoolchildren’s performance. A study by Cambridge graduate Rob Bridgman investigated the impact it may have on hyperactive and disruptive behaviour in schools. The two and a half week study focused on a group of ten comprehensive school boys aged 12-13, all identified as having behavioural and attention deficit problems. The results showed that lessons accompanied by John Levine’s Alphamusic saw a decrease in distractions, or ‘off task activity’ of over 60%.

    Immune boosting Alpha
    Ever wondered why Buddhists look so young and carefree? Regular meditation allows for increased alpha wave activity, which in turn promotes a healthy immune system. It is no secret that we are more prone to illness and infection when we are stressed – and buzzing on beta waves. Switching to slower alpha waves actively supports the immune system, and could therefore help you stave off the latest bug doing the rounds when you are tired and under pressure. In addition it has profound implications for patients recuperating in hospitals – not only to aid their body’s recovery, but also to help ward off any circulating bugs or superbugs.

    holford With so many of us turning to caffeine to keep us alert, and alcohol to relax, sleeping pills or endless struggles with our kids to get to sleep John Levine’s Alphamusic CD’s are a highly effective, drug-free alternative.
    Try them. They work.

    Patrick Holford, world renowned nutrition expert