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The content of the website is for general reading, not medical or scientific purposes. Alphamusic and will not take responsibility for any direct or indirect damages or losses from the use of this service.

Although we have taken reasonable care to ensure that all of the content of, information and materials on this site is accurate, the customer’s use of this site and the Services is at their sole risk.

Alphamusic is not a substitute for medical care and cannot replace medical attention.

In all cases you should first refer to your General Practitioner or other qualified health professional to diagnose any health concern that you may have and for guidance as to the appropriate treatment.

Certain memories can be awakened which create associations, images, ideas and behavioral changes. Most listeners feel comfort and enjoyment. However, if you experience any discomfort stop listening and consult your doctor or qualified therapist.

We recommend that you listen to the CDs quietly and avoid listening whilst driving or working with heavy machinery. Alphamusic and will not take responsibility for any instance where these suggestions have not been adhered to.

The views and opinions of people expressed on our website may differ from Alphamusic and and we cannot take responsibility for them.

Alphamusic and will not be held liable for the content of the links provided on its website. Customers use such links entirely at their own risk.

Because of the samples and information provided on our website, Alphamusic and cannot take responsibility for individuals purchasing an unsuitable CD. However in some cases we may exchange the unsuitable CD.

We are not responsible for replacing discs that are scratched or defective from improper use. After your new disc arrives, please open your package and examine all CDs to be sure they have arrived in good condition. We are unable to refund or replace dirty or smudged CDs.

Customers agree to defend and hold harmless on demand us from and against any damages, losses, claim or demand made by any third party, and all associated liabilities, damages, costs and expenses arising out of or relating to their access or use of this Site.


Privacy Policy:

On the 27th April 2016 EU set a new regulation called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force on the 25th of May 2018 (EU- 2016/679).
Under this act we are obligated to protect your data which you provide us with. In this privacy policy statement you will be informed why we collect your personal information, how it will be used and what rights you have related to your personal data that we collect.

When you contact us through sales, contact us form, in person, email, correspondence, by phone, social media, through our websites or any other way, you establish a relationship with us and provide us with your personal data which we keep secure.

We collect your data such as for example name, phone, email address and other necessary data such as work related information, birth date, nationality or occupation. We may also collect feedback, comments, photos and questions received from you.

These data are important for us in order to give you the best experience in communication with us. We collect these for the following reasons:
- customer service to follow up on incoming requests (customer support, emails, chats, or phone calls);
- to send you occasional emails related to our services
- perform direct sales
- perform contractual obligations such as order confirmation, license details, invoice, reminders
- send you our marketing communication and offers related to our or our associated partnersí products or services

You have the following rights related to your personal data:
- you can request a copy of your data we hold about you
- you can ask us to update your details if you think these are outdated
- you can request that your data is deleted when it is no longer necessary for us to store

We protect customerís privacy and we keep all the information provided secure. We do not sell, trade, exchange or give away these to any third parties for any marketing purposes. We do share however your contact details with our partners we cooperate with such us for example fulfillment or accountancy partners.

I herby understand and agree to the above privacy policy. If you do not agree, please do not use our services.