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    Samo Zdrowie magazine

    We are pleased to announce that along with the March issue (3/03) of SAMO ZDROWIE has been released a promotional CD with John B. Levine's music "Orange Grove Siesta" (45 min. version). We'd like to thank the magazine team for appreciating our music and noticing the benefits it can bring to all readers! (...) I'm sure that a real lucky man is someone who works for an idea and moreover can make his living from it. There's not many people like that. I just met one of them and you can meet him too. He is John B. Levine, a composer and musician from Australia. Orange Grove Siesta CD
    You won't find his records in any music store. It's a special kind of music that can be easily called relating. But John's creation should not only be called that. It's not just trivial sea sounds made by computer generated tones. It's something much better!! You can fully relax when you let your thoughts float freely... and it's only possible when you're on your own and concentrated (...) We've been listening to many compositions while choosing the right music for our magazine's CD. They were all nice. But when John presented his music my first impression was that you really need silence to listen to it! (...)

    Siesta, a moment before falling asleep is the right circumstance to listen to that music. I truly recommend it!
    Xenia Kolinska
    "Samo Zdrowie" editor-in-chief

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